Vacation inside of a work of art at the Bloomhouse in West Lake Hills

The recently renovated Bloomhouse is now available for guest stays through Top Trip Rentals. Cited by the Museum of Modern Art as a groundbreaking piece of architecture, the home comes with a fine arts pedigree but also is a cool place to hang out as evidenced by its inclusion in Austin’s 2018 Weird Homes Tour™. Spending time here is like taking a vacation inside of a work of art. 

Situated on a secluded lot west of Austin, the Bloomhouse is a celebration of all things uncommonly wonderful. 

Fairytale setting for a magical home

The word magical is used with too much frequency from the mouths of real estate hawkers everywhere. Very few places in this world are truly magical. The setting for the Bloomhouse in the 1970s was one of those places that delivered on the hype. Hippies of all stripes were drawn to the hills west of Austin for its rugged beauty and relative isolation just outside of the Austin city limits. 

Into that setting came an idealistic UT architectural graduate student, Charles Hawker, and a man with a mission, Dalton Bloom, to build a home away from society that would be a monument of sorts to the idea of craftsmanship and ecological living immersed in nature.

The goal was a home that would not only protect you from the elements but allow you to live in harmony with the environment. The quixotic goal was to give the home dweller a place apart, a palace of peace, a place at one with nature, a place so removed and separate that for many years there was no address, just a location.

And then the hippie dream disappeared into the 1980s Austin real estate boom, followed by the 90s tech boom and the aughts real estate boom and Austin, as a hippie dream disappeared like so much pot smoke wafting away into the hot Central Texas breeze.

And it waited until the right owner came along to bring a work of art back from the brink. It was at this time that Dave Claunch, owner of Liaison Creative+Marketing (and a former mayor of West Lake Hills, Texas,) saw an ad for the home's sale fall out of an Austin Business Journal for the Bloomhouse, a structure that he had learned about during his time as Mayor. Claunch was struck with a mission to save and preserve this one-of-a-kind house. Since buying the home, Claunch has spent almost a year meticulously restoring the home.

It's an adventure 

When you drive away from the shores of the Lake Austin heading through West Lake Hills, you are not certain where you are headed but you know it’s up. Up, up, up, and up the high road with breathtaking views of Austin's skyline receding in your rearview mirror. After a turn onto a gravel road, suddenly you see her, the fantastical beast in the clearing and you laugh out loud at the ridiculousness, the joy, the sheer courage of a house built to please. Delighted visitors have described the Bloomhouse as looking like a "white wolf, a "meringue confection" and a "fairy tale house," among other descriptors for articulating something so special.


Sleep in a Work of Art

When you stay at the Bloomhouse, you are entering a setting where magic can and should happen. Without one straight line or corner in the entire structure, your thoughts are free of the constraints that our angular world creates. At the Bloomhouse, we have left behind the place of modernity, the place of logic, we are living in whimsy. We are alive in a fairy tale of our own making. Let the story begin. Reserve your happily ever after!

Professionally Managed
By Chereen Fisher and her Top Trip Rentals team with over 11 years of experience in the Austin Luxury Vacation Rental Home market. Chereen Fisher has been HomeAway, Inc's 'Local Owner Champion' for the Austin and Highland Lakes Area, is a founding member of the Austin Rental Alliance and owned an local event management and catering company for over a decade. Top Trip Rentals will accommodate your needs in a professional and courteous manner to enhance your experience.   

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